Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very, Merry Christmas!!

We have FINALLY gotten our house!  YEAY!.....right?  No.  So far, we have entered into the realm of unwanted terror!  It has been one thing after another, and we haven't even moved our stuff into the house yet!  Wow.  I am so happy to have our home now, but we have a lot to do.  It is a TLC home, and we have only gotten one and a half rooms painted.  We are not very fast, and because we have small children, only one of us can do something at a time.  But, even with everything we have ahead of us and currently on our plate, we are so happy.  We are having the very first Christmas with our daughter in OUR home.  It is an amazing feeling.  I am so thankful for everything we have.  Oh, and thanks to my best friend in the whole wide world, we were able to stay warm in a heated home for most of the morning......our furnace had the fuse blow.  No one that sells 3amp fuses were open today.  But, it is still a very merry Christmsas for us! 
 My favorite part of all is that we got to see my family today.  Things have always been kind of really rocky in the past, but now they get to have the chance to know me, and I am going to do everything in my power to have a wonderful relationship with them.  Family, friends, and fellowship are the reasons for the season.  Cherish every moment and savor each day!

May God bless everyone this holiday,

Mommy Dearest

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pier 1

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have always loved Pier 1!  They have something for every budget, and no matter when you shop, they always have extremely fashionable products that always stay in style.  I looked through the web site and store this holiday season, and they have some of the prettiest stuff.  I definitely think that some of the "must haves" for this holiday season would be the holiday dinner ware!  You may choose one theme or mix and match from several themes they have to offer.  They have candy cane bowls, a candy cane-shaped dip bowl with a spreader, an adorable Tartan Ruffle Apron that is so perfect for entertaining, a Mrs. Clause Apron, and everything else for the table and household decorating.  My favorite things that are going to be on my wish list are the Tartan Ruffle Apron, Snowball Spoon Rest, and some new kitchen towels that match the Christmas Holiday coming up.  I have always had a very contemporary/modern style for my home, and with all of the prices at such reasonable levels, I can afford to buy my favorite things from Pier 1.  If I had to choose one thing to represent my style that is for sale at Pier 1, it would be the Mirrors and Circles wall decor.  It's perfect for any room in my house, and not only is it pretty decor, but it has function; I love it!  Oh, and another really cool thing is that for the months of November/December, we can all help Pier 1 out by supporting  the Toys for Tots campaign this holiday season by dropping off unwrapped toys or making a cash donation at the store register.  Who doesn't want to spread holiday cheer, right?  I am also going to be joining Pier 1 on Facebook, because I found out that for every new fan that they get, they will donate $1 to Toys for Tots.  So, please go join so they can donate!!!  The holiday season can be so much brighter if we can put smiles on all of the little peoples faces this Christmas!  After all, when I see my children light up with so much joy from getting a new gift, it makes me want the whole world to see the same thing.  I've taken the liberty to include a couple pictures of the mentioned items below, even if they're not your style you could consider them for holiday gifts.

Tartan Truffle Apron

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Baby Formula: Store Brand or Name Brand

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

It seems as though certain formulas, such as Similac and Enfamil, cost so much more than the leading store brand formula. Why is this? Well, we can contribute this all to heavy advertising and marketing costs. When major companies spend money on those things, there is not much room for consumers to save that money in their pockets. Most of the Moms of today are trying to do their best to save money, while making sure their children are getting all the proper nutrients that is required for the family. Come to find out, there is nothing different about the store brand formula compared to the brand name formula, nutritionally. The FDA states, "All formula marketed in the U.S. must meet the same nutrient specifications, which are set (by the FDA in 1980) at levels to fulfill the needs of infants." So why are we so worried about the brand? Well, it really doesn't matter what brand you are buying and consuming, because there can be issues and recalls that may arise while partaking in any product. Abbott voluntarily recalled certain Similac powder infant formulas because of the possibility of the presence of a small common beetle in the product in September. The FDA determined the formula poses no immediate health risk, but some infants could experience symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat as a result of irritated GI tracts.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Best Friend"

How frustrating is it that when you have tried everything that you can do to reason with stupid, stupid always wins?  Only because intelligent doesn't want to keep arguing in circles about the same things.  We got into a little situation with my "best friend" this morning, because she thought she could tell me what to do....and that is a huge mistake with me.  I will do pretty much anything you want if you ask me nicely, but when you try to tell me what to do, we are gonna have problems.  Her troubled son is coming back to live with her today, and he has stolen so much from my family and martyred me to his family by lying to them about things that never happened.
We usually try to get to church every Sunday, but there are a couple Sundays here and there that we don't make it.  Everyone in the household was suppose to go together, but a couple of the people didn't go.  I always feel better after Sunday school and church.  It's like God gives us just enough peace and contentment for what we are gonna go through during the week ahead.  I know that no matter what situation arises, I can get through it with God.  God has blessed me and my family, so the least I can do is give credit to Him for being great!

Keep looking up,

Mommy Dearest

Friday, December 3, 2010

No more diaper rash worries

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.
We recently found out that our daughter is highly allergic to several things, and she has insanely sensitive skin. Well, yesterday, she had a horrible diaper rash, AGAIN, so I used my favorite diaper rash cream, Boudreaux's Butt Paste. I don't usually just use it for the rash, because sometimes I want to prevent the rash in the first place. Boudreaux's Butt Paste is an amazing skin protectant, too. Another thing about this stuff is that it goes on and cleans off real easily. It's not like super chalky nor is it like that other pasty stuff that you have to use paint remover to get off....good point, right? Plus, they make it in several different sizes that will please anyone and everyone. And, yes, they have travel sizes, so you can stick it in the diaper bag, or you could do what I do and just take the whole tube, because it has the cool flip top cap.

Well, I will give you additional information about Boudreaux's, but before I do, click on the link and get a sample for yourself. I am very practical person and parent, so trust me when I tell you that I am not the only person that thinks this stuff is awesome. It was also talked about on Oprah, the Tonight Show, the Today Show, and mentioned in articles in the famous People Magazine. And what kind of parent wouldn't want to use something that was created by a Pharmacist (with the direction of a respected pediatrician) and it is recommended by Pediatricians. Boudreaux's is made with 16% zinc oxide and peruvian balsam to provide soothing relief for irritated skin.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Enjoying the left-over turkey, or not

I decided to try really hard and think of a recipe to make with the left-over turkey tonight (and yes, it hurt!!).  I can only think of eating anything BUT turkey!  I think I found a recipe, though, that is really easy to make in the oven.  It is called Turkey Bake.  It looks a lot like all the same ingredients as tuna casserole, minus the tuna and peas.  Yep, I'm gonna try it tomorrow.  Tonight, we are having pizza.  I don't know about you all, but I definitely don't like to ever eat turkey after Thanksgiving.  Especially since I had to watch everyone else eat it.....  I'm just not a big left-over person anyway.  Let's just say that I had a few bad experiences as a kid.

On another note, I started to wrap the Christmas presents today that I bought on Black Friday!  I love wrapping presents, but our daughter also likes to dance on the paper, so it took me longer than I thought it would.  By the way, I don't think I have ever seen worse "Sales" for Black Friday.  The only reason we actually went this year was because it is a tradition for my best friend and I.  We always to go Kohl's, then Target, and then to Victoria Secret in the mall.  It was fun, but I was just a little disappointed.  I still have a couple things to get for my best friend, nephew, and my Mr. Wonderful.

Turkey Day, Black Friday, and the flu!  Whooohooo!  It is really amazing what we put ourselves through for a "sale."  I am more into it for family and the tradition.  Those two things are so important to me.  Keep those things close, and never let 'em go!


Mommy Dearest

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I did not expect to spend the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day sick with a stomach bug!  Wow, I am so sick of being sick this year!  I am getting my flu shot this week.  Not only was I sick, but our daughter was sick with me.  And, by the way, those were the only two days my husband had off of work for this holiday.  I couldn't do anything but sweat and sleep on our air mattress, and my daughter would occasionally beat me up, because she was mad at me or something -by the way, no, I don't expect a one year old to understand why Mommy can't do everything for her, like she normally does.  I can definitely say that she was  much tougher than I was though, because she was still kind of playing and walking around.  I'm just glad that I wasn't vomiting like she was.  I had my fill of that a month or so ago. 

Well, on another note, we ended up having to cancel all of our plans with family, which by the way, I was completely bummed about, but I couldn't get up except to go to the bathroom.  That was definitely no fun for anyone.  And to make things worse, that was one of my favorite holidays out of the year.  My Grandparents were here in town, so we usually all get together at my Aunt and Uncle's house.  It is also one of the handful of times that I get to see my family all together, so it is special.  To top off our Thanksgiving, we were also planning on getting to see our brother today as well, but found out that the rest of the family had the same stomach bug as Zoi and me.  We also came to find that our brother is in ICU with a chemically induced coma, which all started with strep throat; and somehow got into his bloodstream.  Needless to say, it did NOT feel at all like a holiday, but I still had everyone in the household sit together in the living room, and mention aloud 5 things that they are thankful for.

Mommy Dearest

Never fails, when you finally realize that you don't have life by the horns, life rams you with them, just to give you that completely unwanted and unneeded confirmation!  What's up with that?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Celestial Seasonings Factory Adventure

Brings new meaning to dressing up for tea
We finally got to go to the Celestial Seasonings Factory in Boulder!  It was so much fun.  The kids even enjoyed it.  I was really excited to find out that you get a discount on the teas.  Plus, all the tea is cheaper than in the grocery store.  Plus, you get an additional 10% off if you buy a case.  It doesn't seem like much, but it really added up for the amount of tea that I bought!  I went crazy, obviously, because I am a tea freak!  I now have enough tea to last me a good year...hopefully.  Otherwise, we are going to go back up to Boulder.  Another really cute thing about the factory was it's street names.  They named the streets after the teas - Sleepytime and Zinger something or other (see picture below).  The tour of the factory was free, and your "ticket" to the tour was a sample of one of the teas.   I thought is was very cute and fun.  We had a really fun time.  I am also really into art and sculpture, and the cafe gallery is filled with all of the artwork and a few tea bag sculptures (pic is below).  There was also free samples of all of the teas that they make.  Any type of tea that you can imagine; white, black, green, red, etc.  Well, technically, it was only all of the teas that they are currently selling.  The gift shop has so many different things for the upcoming holidays as well, and, of course, everything was pretty pricey, but all of the holiday stuff was really neat.  The holiday teas are my favorite, and that is what I stocked up the most of.  The only down side to the tour was the fact that they don't let you take any photography of any kind of inside the factory.

Family picture in the tea garden... awww right?

Another reason we looked really forward to going up there so bad, was because there is this super awesomely delicious pizza that is only up there.  The pizza is a BBQ Chicken pizza from this place called Sun Deli.  When our friend lived up in Boulder, we went to see him, and we ordered the pizza and fell suddenly addicted to it!  So, now, every time we go to Boulder, we have to stop by Sun Deli and get at least one pizza.  We haven't tried any other toppings yet, but maybe we will next time (but I highly doubt it).

Mommy Dearest,

PS I just had to share what we saw outside Sun Deli... no comment required

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Brazil Butt Lift

I don't know about all of you guys and gals, but I am so tired of the millions of ads that try to sell fitness products that don't work.  I found a really amazing workout plan that will work with any body type!  It is called the Brazil B​utt Lift​ workout!  I was reading that a lot of the supermodels use this Brazilian workout, so that should show all of us that it works.  Basically, it is a 3 month workout plan  that will shape and sculpt your butt (no matter what your "butt type" is) by using dance and cardio.  Fun, right?!  The best part about it is that it is also really efficient with helping you lose weight the healthy way!

I know a lot of you might be skeptical, so if you want to get additional information, I recommend that you go to the Extreme Fitness Results blog and read tons of free reviews on the Brazil Butt Lift.  There is not very many natural and healthy ways to lose weight and get fit, so I lucked out finding this one!  Natural and effective!!! Please go check it our for yourselves, and evaluate the Brazil Butt Lift for yourself.  It is always good to read up on any new product, so that you can form an opinion for yourself.

Now, personally, I need an option that is for beginners, so there is also program called Slim in 6.  This is a 6 week slim down program that is super easy.  This "Slim in 6" workout is perfect for anyone that has been out of the workout game for a while.  It is the perfect way to get in shape for beginners, like me!  My suggestion is to start with this program, because if you start with something that is to rough  on your body, you can hurt yourself.  So, be careful and check it all out!!  Like I mentioned above, if you have questions about any of this, just click on the highlighted words above, and it will take you directly to the website!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Going Backwards

I have struggled with my son the last couple of weeks about going to the potty in the toilet....not his pants.  We are totally going backwards!  I know it is common when there is an age gap, and when there is a new baby, but it is still frustrating.  So, we decided to go back to the "treasure box" system with him, so that he will be rewarded once again with doing what he is suppose to do.  It has got to be the attention crap.  I give both of my children the same amount of attention, but it is never enough.  I am a stay at home mom now, but I am failing miserably with this.  I feel like all I ever do is pick up and clean up after everyone else, so therefore, I don't actually get to give my children the type of attention I long for.  I want to have a good relationship with them, and I want them to feel as though they can trust me and not be afraid of me.
One of the "good times" that gets me through times like "this time"
Our son told me that he is afraid of me, and he always says that he wants to go back to the "other" home.  What a stab in the heart!!  Painful.  Anyway, I asked him about if he has accidents over there, and he says no, but why, then, is it happening with me?  I try so hard.  We really need to bail from here.  It is long over do.
Do you all ever feel as though being a parent is the hardest and most emotionally trying thing that you will ever do in your life.  I see people, and have met people, that make parenting look like it is the easiest thing in the world.  And, magically, they have perfect kids, too!  Why is that anyway?  Whatever, I am just taking one minute at a time.  I love my children so much, and there is no exceptions or buts about it.  Life is hard, but how we handle each situation will make or break who we are and who we will become.  I have so much more room for improvements, and I still have so much to learn!  Why hasn't someone written a guide (not a gimmick) for us Moms yet?


Mommy Dearest

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bye Bye Papa

So, we received an itinerary in our email today from my father-in-law, and it is a one-way ticket out of the country.  He is moving with his wife to the Philippines; that is where she is from, and his dream is to retire there.  It is really sad to me, because we were all getting closer and getting along so well.  We don't have much family here, aside from my Dad and my husband's brothers.  I don't really know what to do or say anymore.  My kids are going to be able to still talk to him using a web cam, but it is not the same.  It is really hard to explain the dynamics of our family, because it is really complicated.  But, who doesn't have a story like that, right??  Anyways, we will just have to stay positive, and try to help our children understand the situation.  And, hope that he comes back sooner than later. 

On another note, we were suppose to get to see my Dad today for dinner, but he was busy.  That is the usual for him, though.  My Dad works in law enforcement, and he is always busy.  I miss him a lot.  Sometimes, I have anxiety attacks when I hear about an officer getting shot on the news, because I would never know if it was my Dad, unless I got a call from the hospital or something.  My relationship with him is okay, but I want it to be awesome.  I have always been a Daddy's girl at heart, and it means a lot to me to have family close.
My husband and I are a very, extremely family oriented couple. Trying to spend time with our families can be a little crazy.  It is hard to be able to have the other members of our family to be that same way as well; something usually comes up to where we do not get to see them.  Although I do feel as though if you actually want to spend time with your family, you will make the time; even if it means only seeing them for a few minutes.  We will just simply be showing our children what we want them to learn by being an example.  At the end of the day, if you don't have your family, then you don't have anyone. That is what we want our children to learn.  We will always be there for our children, no matter what.

Friends may come and go, but family is (supposed to be) forever.

With Love,

Mommy Dearest

PS I miss Mom...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Love Love Love

Isn't it crazy how we will love our kids no matter what they do?  They drive us to our limits and push us over the ridge until we just crack and fall down!  My kids were so tough to deal with a couple weeks ago, and it made me think about what my life would be like with having both of my children full!  Our son has been through so much, and I struggle with disciplining him, because I realize that it's not his fault that the "other" household teaches him all the opposite things that we do.  His life is so hard, but we want to make it easier.  I really think that the second we get the word on this house, we are going to file the paperwork to proceed with getting him most of the time; instead of this 50% crap. 
My husband and I are so excited about spending time with the kids this weekend, because it is his weekend off.  We are going to drive up to Boulder, pending the weather, and go to the Celestial Seasonings factory.  I think it will be a great lesson to the kids about being "green" and always being resourceful.  Also, I am going to buy a bunch of my favorite tea.  That way, I can enjoy them all year!
I am so thankful for all of my little family.  No matter what I happens any day, my husband and kids have always been there for me.  We will always stick together.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Going to the dentist

I went to the dentist yesterday, and I couldn't believe how much we got charged.  The only thing they did was  my annual teeth cleaning!  We got charged for the office visit, and the cleaning!  So, I decided to look for another, less expensive dental office in my area that would give me the same awesome care, but at an honest and affordable price.  I also want someone that will listen to me about my fears and make me feel comfortable, while keeping me as pain free as possible. My dentist is nice, and he is always smiling!!!  I wonder why....he just got $190 from me, and he is double booked every day!  A cleaning is the least expensive service.

My biggest fear about going to the dentist is probably the same as everyone else, too - the fear of having pain and loud tools in my mouth!  Well, I looked around and found Bright Now! Dental.  I am glad that I found this place, because they are everything I am looking for and more. I already have insurance, so I definitely can't stand when I get jabbed with retarded additional expenses.  This place will tell you everything you need to know up front, and you won't be surprised with an outrageous bill later.  Check out the site for yourself!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finding Happiness in Sad Times

So, I am attaching some pictures of the fire aftermath, because I didn't get any of the actual fire.  It is a completely sad situation, but amidst all of this, I talked to the girls that I was telling you all about in previous blogs, and they saw Zoi's first hair-do, and they were telling me that it was the only time that they have smiled since the fire a couple days ago.  Then, my husband and I were thinking about starting a memorial fund at a local bank, so that people can donate money for all of the victims of this fire.  There was a total of 55.  It is extremely close to home for me, because it was literally, the building 20 feet from mine!  I want to help these people, so we are going to.  There needs to be more outreach in communities anyway, so why not have us start the chain reaction?  I will have to figure out how to have donations besides money, but the problem is that we have no where to put it.  I will figure it out though.  These people really need some help.  They lost everything.  I don't have money, but I have time.  God will help me help these people.   I will give updates on the account information to donate for all of you that are able to spare for the cause.

On a side note, our daughter actually loved her first little hair-do, and she kept it in all day, until we went to buy her a  new brush, and she brushed them out.....OUCHY!  Anyway, she had a hard night, so I made her the first root beer float she has ever had!  I am the coolest Mom ever!  I felt terrible, because she looked like I let her play with a blow dryer and running water!  See for yourselves.

Thank you all for your support,

Mommy Dearest

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The apartment building across from ours caught fire today.  It was a horrific sight, and the worst part about it is the fact that my favorite neighborhood girls lived in it.  Their apartment burst into flames and the roof caved in after the fire started on the floor below theirs.  The most horrible feeling for me was the fact that they tried calling me for help while we were downtown this afternoon.  The girls were in tears, and there was nothing I could do, except have my husband speed back to the apartments.  I can't even describe the scene that I saw.  It looked like the worst light show ever, with all the different fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars all lit up.  No one could have ever asked for a worse day. 
My husband got us back as soon as he could.  When we arrived, I went straight to yelling for the girls.  I found them and they were in shock.  How can you explain to a high school child that everything that they own and all of the materialistic memorabilia that holds any kind of memory, is burning and they will never see again.  That is the first thing they said.
I told them, this evening, that God gave us special places in our minds that hold those thoughts of the memories and the feelings are held in our heart.  God doesn't want us to only have things that are materialistic that hold meaning.  Otherwise, He wouldn't have made us the way He did.  I also gave them the invitation to my closet, which I know they will be raiding tomorrow.  It is a good feeling to know that I am needed by other people, besides my family.  But even with my little family, I have my hands full.  I am so thankful that God is able to use me, even in the worst of situations.  I really feel as though He put the words into my mouth, so that I could at least give a little bit of comfort during such an uncomfortable time.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

So Much Fun

Today was a blast!  We took our son to his first birthday party, and it was at a place called Monkey Bizness.  They have all kinds of different rooms with so many different types of the blow-up jungle gyms and stuff.  I really wanted to go down the monster slide, but I forgot my socks!!  I can't believe I forgot socks.  I am a sandal girl, and the weather was nice enough for wearing them today, so I forgot my socks!  It was awesome to watch though.  Anyway, we also finished our Christmas shopping for the kids today, so now, I have to get really good at looking for a gift for my husband.  He really deserves something completely awesome.  I know what I want to get him, but it is outrageously expensive.  A 27" monitor for his computer!  Wow, at about $400, I will be looking for it on Black Friday!
Well, I am so thankful that we just had an amazing day with the kids and as a family!  The kids were on their best behavior most of the day, until they got hungry.  Always make sure you have extra snacks packed in car or purse!

Mommy Dearest

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Applying to make money for Mommy

Have you ever actually read some of the blogs that you all entre card drop?  Some of them are so funny, but some of them seem really creative, and then you have the stay at home Moms that complain, or boast about how they are perfectly content with themselves. Whatever wife lectures the violent baffle.  Crazy, right?  When I read some of the blogs, I get good ideas of what people are, and I enjoy trying to figure people out by what they portray to the world... although, blogging is a way for some people to use as a violent outlet, some use it as a personal diary of hidden feelings of pain or happiness or both, and the rest of us just love sharing our blessings with others.  Oh, and I absolutely love the people who have the blogs of personal art and humor. 
No matter what we rant about, we are all in this blogging world together, and I think it is pretty fun and cool.  I enjoy trying to write and pull old creativity from the back of my mind.  Every time I sit down to blog, I get to use my imagination, and that is good for everyone in this world.  If you have kids, using your imagination allows you to be able to interact with them even more on their level, and actually understand exactly what is going through their sweet little minds.
Oh, and I like with recipe blogs, but they are very unoriginal.  Unless they are personal recipes.  It is cool though, because it does give me a couple of new dinner ideas, but I usually just look on the internet.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

I had a wonderful day today, because today, Zoi and I thought about what we were going to put in the boxes that we picked up from our church a couple weeks ago.  The boxes are for the "Operation Christmas Child" project that many people are participating in across the country.  Many churches are having the congregation pick up the provided boxes on their own and fill the boxes with specific items for children in third world countries.  I am very very sadly admitting that these children are getting more than my own children this year.  We picked up three boxes for us, and two boxes for my friend from the church to fill.  I am extremely broke this year, because I got laid off from my job this year, but I really wanted to help the other children that wouldn't have the same type of Christmas that I was going to have.  It is really weird though, because the more I think about it, no matter how many presents my kids can't get this year, they still have a roof over their heads and warm clothes on their backs.  God has provided for us in every situation, so I feel as though if we do this, He will continue to provide.

I am not so sure how this house thing is going to turn out anymore.  We were told today that the bank wouldn't except the offer without the offer-price being raised.  So, we did.  Now, I feel really dumb, unless of course, we get the house.  Why is it that you ask for an inch as an adult, but you have to give a frickin mile?!!!!!  We may have raised the price so that we can get a couple major things done on the house before we move in, but we can't give our kids a bath until we fix a few huge things before we move in!  What in the world!  Welcome to the world of home ownership, right?

Monday, November 1, 2010

What A Day!

I have finally made it home!  Have you ever made a return, and the store tried to back peddle their way out of it?????  Not only do I know better, because I am the return QUEEN, but I went to Target today.  I wanted to simply "Exchange" our daughters Halloween costume.  The store tried to tell me that they aren't "allowed" to return the costume, because it is after Halloween.  Let's just say that I was extremely nice with the associate and reiterated that I wanted to "Exchange" the outfit.  So, I go back to the Halloween section where everything is clearanced out at 50%, but no luck for me with finding the exact costume in the size I needed.  But what I did find is extremely alarming.  I found several of the costumes, but none of them had the accessories with them....they were being sold separately with a sticker gun price tag on them.  Keep in mind that the accessories were suppose to be included with the outfit!  Not only did they not let me exchange it, but they told me that I was going to have to go all the way across town to the store I purchased it at.  I asked for the number for the Corporate office.  So, let's just say that I stayed at the Customer Service counter while I called, and I got my money back! 
I start heading to the Target closer to my house with my daughter, and I get into a fender bender!!!  The frickin perp drove away, so I didn't get a license plate number or anything!  Luckily, they just chipped the paint on our bumper.  I was so flustered at this point.
That was not my full day though, so just keep reading.  I decided to not get the diapers I needed at that Target after my experience, so I went to the Target closer to where we live.  I saw in the ad that they had the diapers on sale for $29.99 per jumbo pack, but you had to buy two packs, and you get a free $10 gift card.  I thought to myself that it was a good deal, because I also had my coupons.  I found the diapers that I needed on an end cap with the free $10 gift card sign and sale price.  I get up to the check out, and I notice the diapers ring up at $35.99 per box...not what I was expecting.  After the day I had, I just wanted the sale price.  The manager says that all they can do is take off $10 from my total, but I don't get the gift card.  I took it!  I was tired and sick of Target.
Some people say that Wal-Mart is horrible, but they save me the MOST money and emotional stress.  They never promise me what they can't give.  Wow, what a day!  I ended up getting our kids one costume each for dress-up at 50% off, but you can guarantee that I will be calling the corporate number tomorrow.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Cuteness!  Wow, our daughter was soooooooo extra adorable tonight!  And my husband....frickin' hilarious!  I am living the life for sure!  I am always able to laugh and smile around my family.  My husband makes all  my dreams come true, and my children and my husband make me smile.  I am so fortunate.  We took Zoi trick-or-treating in the "hopefully our neighborhood" this year, and everyone was so nice and cool.  I really hope to get this house!  Not to sound boastful or anything, but we really deserve it, plus we would be the super coolest neighbors on the block!  Apparently, all of the neighborhood kids love me, no matter where we go.  I guess that's pretty awesome...for all the other neighborhood parents.  Where is my break people?  How is it fair that I have to wait until my husband gets home?  Come on now!  Well, we got some really good candy this year, and FINALLY, we didn't get candy corn!!! 
Awesomeness!  I like my life a lot, but I will definitely love it once we are living in our house (mainly because I won't have to live without the "finer" things in life with my husband).  Why do so many people take that for granted.  Whatever, it's not Thanksgiving for some of you out there, so I won't get into it, but I am thankful for "that" any time, and all the time!  

Mommy Dearest

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Day As A Stay At Home Mommy

So, I was listening to the radio this evening, and they just happened to be talking about how stay-at-home Moms should be given way more recognition than they actually receive....I agree.  Did you know that some people think it is so easy to stay at home with the kids, and that we don't actually do anything.  Well, maybe we shouldn't, ya know????  Then, just take pictures and leave them on our blog.  At least I think it would be hilarious, but I could never do that to my husband, because he actually knows how difficult it is and thanks me daily for doing it!  He's had a taste of what it's like, because I used to work nights.  He even thanked me THEN!  How fortunate am I?  I am so thankful for my husband.  That's pretty much all I have to say after my day today.

Good Night,

Mommy Dearest

Our Adventure Today

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day with the kids

Today was a relatively good day, except our son was a total stinker pants!  I picked him up from school, and then it began!  All day, nothing but wining and crabbiness;even after he got disciplined.  My daughter just kept looking at him like, "Really Bro?"  She has a tendency to do that any time he acts out or wines.  She typically doesn't do that though, so maybe that's why.  Anyway, today was the day that I promised the neighborhood girls that I would take them to the mall.  It was fun, and I really enjoy doing stuff like this with them, because I feel like I am a positive example in their lives.  They have been through so much in their lives, but it makes me happy to see them have no worries for a while.  All the kids in the neighborhood are on Fall Break this week.  I never remember having Fall Break, or Winter Break, or even New Year Break!  What is up with that crap?!  Not only is that unjust and not fair, but that completely explains the low scores and low ratings for all the schools in our area.
For all of you other Stay At Home Moms out there, I had a HORRIBLE day today with my son, and my "friend's" dog, and my "friend", and her frickin toilet paper rolls, and my cat, so I am a little pissy tonight.  I am just ready to go to bed and not wake up.  But we all know that we have to, because who else will take care of EVERYTHING, right?

Better Hope for Tomorrow,

Mommy Dearest

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Not?!?

I really can't believe that there aren't really that many costumes to select from for infants!  Technically, Zoi is 3T, but we only saw a few different costumes to choose from for her to be for Halloween!  She is only 1 year old, highly intelligent, and very personable, but why does she have to suffer because there isn't a Halloween costume in her size that is cute?  We didn't even find any that were relevantly like her personality!  I just wanted to find a dinosaur...that's it!!! She loves to be really vocal, and do this RARARARARARARAHHHHHH thing, and it makes me think of her as "ZOIZILLA," and nobody had a Godzilla costume!  Why not!?!  So, I think we are just gonna put make-up on her face, give her a bucket, and make people give her candy.  Plain and simple.  That was our "adventure" for the day.  I am the mom that always takes my kids on "adventures" so that they will be willing to run errands with me, and they know that they will get something out of it...something I never had as a kid.  Man, life was rough when we were kids, huh?  But, it didn't have to be, and it doesn't have to be, and it won't be for my kids.  Their life will be fun and awesome!  And full of life lessons, that they will hate, and teachings of responsibility!
By the way, "ZOIZILLA" is our daughter's nickname, so don't even try to steal it, people!
But, my life isn't a bowl of cherries you know, because while we were at the T-Mobile store, Zoi saw a PSP and started looking for her big brother!  And yes, this is one of the few days of the week that we don't have Konnar, and it totally SUCKS!  She kept saying Bubba, Bubba.  It was so cute and so very sad all at the same time!

Yep, Still Mommy Dearest!!
xxxxx (I'm feeling generous today)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Have you ever felt under appreciated???  I do...daily, but not by my children or husband, but by others.  People that you try so hard to please and sacrifice for, but you would rather be beat to a pulp instead.  No matter what you do or say, you know that it's wrong.  I would much rather be a nun or something and live in total silence and solemn peace.  Well, I feel like that a lot!  I never thought I was selfish or anything, but certain people in my life make me feel that way.  I am so tired of those people, and I need to find the inner strength daily, just to make it.  I am frickin sick, and tired!!!  We all definitely have days like that, so I don't feel alone by any means, but I just can't wait until my life is a little more peaceful and quiet.  I totally need a mommy day out, but that will not happen any time soon.  Too many things to do and deal with right now.  I used to have a best friend, even, but not any more.  I don't know what she is, ya know...  I love having my kids around, because they always give me something to smile about, even in the hard times.
Warmest Regards,

Mommy Dearest

(P. S. Now, it's been a hard day emotionally, obviously, so I'm gonna go to the freezer to "chill out".)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day Dreaming

Who doesn't day dream about stuff?  I keep thinking that I am going to actually have everything work out for us regarding this house, but things are really slowing down.  It is starting to worry me a little bit, but never the less, I keep thinking about how I am going to be able to decorate with our existing furniture and barely any money for appliances....I'm sure I will figure it out, but I really want to make some money some how so that I can at least buy a few area rugs.  Oh, and slipcovers for our really beat up, grass-green couches.  Our son's birthday is just around the corner also, and yesterday, he actually asked me for a specific birthday present.  He would like a BIG Buzz Light Year.  Not a little one, but a BIG one.  Did you know that the cheapest BIG Buzz is $50!!!  I am definitely gonna have to wait until Black Friday for that one!  I am also reconsidering the title of my blog, because I seem to have a niche for blogging about the beautiful joys of my everyday life.  It works for me, so whatever.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Tea Factory

I was recently thinking about going to explore the Celestial Seasonings factory in Boulder, CO.  I am a huge tea drinker over coffee now- although an occasional cup is really nice- and I thought about how my friend suggested going to the factory.  The Christmas teas that Celestial Seasonings comes out with are so yummy!  They have one called Candy Cane Lane, which taste like a really delicious candy cane with a sweeter taste, compared to a normal candy cane.  Another one of my favorites is the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.  Very good all year round, so of course, I bought all the boxes that the store had, so that I could enjoy my favorite teas year round!  Call me crazy, but we all have our quarks, and that is now mine!  My husband practically told me to buy the display, and now that I think about it, I should have, because I would have been able to organize the boxes better. 
Another thing that I really enjoy about the company is that they are local for me, as well as they are taking part in the global "green" movement!  Their tea bags don't have the strings and paper attached to it, which is really smart for the environment.  Plus, my kids can 't just take it out of my cup and destroy the tea bag all over the carpet as easily...long story.  It just doesn't look like tea when it's on the floor, and you don't see the bag.  The only downside to drinking tea is that I don't get a pick-me-up, that I could really use about 10 different times in my day!  I have been struggling from chronic fatigue for about 8 months now, and I can't seem to get anything to help me lately.  But, that is all for another blog.  Go pick up some of the yummy tea and try it yourself, and I will go tour the factory!  The tour is free, but we will just pay for the gas to get there.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Time with Family

My husband and I have searched high and low for a pumpkin patch, so that we could take the kids this weekend, but we can't find one!  We will have to wait a week, because the only one that I have found is not until the 30th.  It sounded like so much fun, and I can't wait until we get to go!  I have never been to one myself, so I am looking forward to getting to go on a hay ride with the kids and my husband for the first time!  My husband is highly allergic to hay, but he can't wait either.  We bought a 100ct Benadryl today, just so that he could go with us!  Isn't that amazing?!  I know how fortunate I am, and I thank the Lord every day! It will be quite the site to see at the pumpkin patch....the kids picking out a pumpkin, and looking so adorable on the hay ride.  I will take pictures, of course, and post for all to see!

Mommy Dearest!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today was a completely grueling day with the kids, and having excess responsibilities. So, I have not much to blog about.  I am gonna have no choice but to go to sleep right now!  Hope all is well with everyone.  Good night!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cutest Thing

I saw one of the cutest things today.  Our one year old daughter walked the dog all by herself!  It was so so cute, and she wouldn't let me take the leash from her.  She was very serious about what she was doing, that's for sure.  Children are so adorable when they are small.  I guess that every age has its own special moments.  Our son always gives us a huge hug every week, when he comes over, and tells us that he loves us and that we are his favorite!  It melts my heart every time.  I love being a mommy, and it is so rewarding every day.

I have a saver tip for all of you that don't already implement!  I saved another $20 at the grocery store yesterday, and my bill only ended up being just under $40!  Don't forget to clip your Sunday paper coupons every week before you go to the store.  If you don't already get the Sunday paper, it only costs about $3.50 a month!!!  Great deal!  It pays for itself with all the savings you can get each time you go to the store.  The kids were also so good at the store, so I decided to get them each a little toy.  See how awesome!  They love cars, and I love how inexpensive they are and saving money.

Mommy Dearest

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making Money Online

Today, I found a survey website that is really easy to become a member of, and you are suppose to make money off of it.  I decided to join, for free, so I will tell you all what becomes of it....unless I win the $10,000, of course!  Although, I will tell you if I get anything small from it.  Check it out for yourselves!  The company is called neilson digital voice.  Pretty much the only thing I have had to do so for, besides signing up, is let them know who is using the computer each time I get online.  Super easy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lots of Calls and Sacrifices to Make

Today, I made a lot of calls for a home inspector, appraiser, and plumber.  Who knew there was so much involved in buying a house?!  And, all of this is going to take place on Wednesday.  Well, I didn't have any butterflies until today, about this house....very nerve wracking.  Now, I am praying and crossing my fingers that it passes inspection, and that all goes well with the appraisal.  We are really excited about all that we have learned about the home buying process, but it is definitely very financially terrifying!  You are responsible for paying all of the people I mentioned in the beginning of this blog.... and it isn't cheap!  The fees start at $200!! And, all the fees were unexpected.  We were trying really hard to save for a washer and dryer.  Now, we have to figure out how to pay for ALL the appliances, paint, paint supplies, and these fees.  It is a huge buzz kill!  We are just hoping for the best, and we are very thankful that we already have beds for the kids and some furniture.  All the other stuff can wait if it has to.  We have worked so hard for this, so we are willing to just make sure we can get into the house.  It really stinks only having one income.  The truth is, that I got laid off of my job a couple months ago; I don't know what we are gonna do.  I know I'm not the only one in this boat, so I definitely pray for everyone in this world that shares my situation.  We all just have to stay positive.  I am a CNA, and for those of you that don't know what that is, I work with the nurses in a hospital.  I am the person that comes in to get your vitals, I will help you get your ice water, I give you a sponge bath, or I just help you with whatever you need help with.  But, I do this for 15-20 myself!  My job is NOT easy, and for anyone else that thinks it is, try it yourself!  I respect every profession out there, so please respect mine!  I also do all the dirty work.  And, best of all, I love it, because I get to help people; and at the end of the day, it is really wonderful.  I have been doing this for 13 years.  I have tried to go back to school, but family matters have come up.  And, after the place I just worked for, I have had a change of heart about the nursing profession.  I have been able to stay home and take care of our children, and it is so rewarding!  I use to work nights, so I would be so tired and not able to play with them except for a few minutes at a time, but now, I can take them to the park and play a whole game of baseball.  I am blessed!  Now, I am also able to be more involved with my church, which I love to be a part of.  It is so good for the soul.  My husband told me to just not worry anymore, and just enjoy every second of every day.  So, I do.  Living on one income doesn't give much flexibility, but it is soooo worth it!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life with only seeing one child 50% of the time

I wasn't sure whether I would talk about my personal life or not, but I decided that it was a good time to do it.  My heart is just so broken.  We only get to have our son 50% of the week, because he goes to my ex's mom's house the other half of the week!  Yes, I said his mom's house.  He doesn't have his own place, and he told me that he doesn't plan on it, either.  Tell me how that makes sense.  I hurt every day that our son is gone, and it is just getting worse as time goes on.  My husband has been in Konnar's life since he was a baby, so, YES, he is his daddy!  Jene is an amazing Father, and he has so much fun with our children.  He wrestles with them when I can't, and teaches them about anything and everything.  Although, my husband and I did just get our house, so we are going to take one more legal step once we are moved in.  How is it that my ex is getting so much from the legal system, but I get completely shafted by an attorney that didn't care!!!  She got over 3k dollars, and we only get to see our son about 30% of the year, after you calculate the holiday schedule, which is bogus!  Please, if there is any one out there that can help me, HELP!  This situation is so heart wrenching and frustrating.  I'm gonna go with what my husband says and just stay strong, until we get into our new home.  Then we have to find an Attorney ad Litem for our son.  We both want his other dad to be a part of his life, but only for a healthy amount of time.  Every time we pick Konnar up, he has learned an unhealthy habit.  I work so hard to make sure my kids are taken care of physically, mentally, dentally, and emotionally.  We both work hard to be responsible adults and teach our children good things, and we will never stop.  No matter what happens, I will keep praying that we protect our children from harm and make sure that they don't get hurt.  I think about how Konnar feels every day, and what he feels.  I know he loves all of us, but what am I suppose to do?  Just pray...God has always provided for us, and I just pray that He will continue to be with Konnar when he is not with us.  I know that I probably sound selfish, but no matter how hard I try, my ex will NOT grow up!  He refuses to act like an adult, nor does he ever make a decision without his mother.  It is endlessly frustrating and heart breaking.  As you all might have guessed, I had to surrender Konnar today.  Yes, that was the onset for this blog.  Thank you all for reading....

Heartfelt Regards,

Mommy Dearest

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Day at the Convention Center

Today, I took the kids and my nephew to the Rock n' Roll Health Fair at the Convention Center in Downtown Denver.  Admission was FREE for everyone, along with about 50, or more, samples!!  A couple of booths even gave all of us a reusable bag for FREE.  We had a blast, and the best part of it was that the kids got to choose how we got to downtown.  I let them choose whether we drove (which costs the gas to get there and parking), or got to ride the bus and light rail train.  They chose the bus and train!  It was a lot of fun with the kids, and I got the benefit of the inexpensive day of fun!  The event was all about health, organic products, and running...all of my favorite things, except I haven't actually gotten to run but a couple times in about 2 years.  I know, shame on me, right?  That is the one big thing that I haven't figured out to do with having kids.  I can't figure out how to fit in exercise in my day.  If I get up early, I will be even more tired all day, and I don't know if I can even get out of bed, because I'm so exhausted!!  I guess that if I really want it, I will be determined enough to do it.  I want a personal, Nazi trainer. Anyway, the one huge thing that was hard on me today, was that my husband had to work.  He is my best friend and I miss him every second we aren't together.  It is so hard to actually get to do certain types of events, so instead of it being a "Family fun Day", it is a day with just the kids.  I love doing everything with my children so much, but it is always even more fun with my husband. 

So, one thing that I have learned is to check out the websites for major event centers and news stations in your area. Usually, there is an Event tab on the websites and it will list all the things that are happening.  Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers!!! You are all on my cool list!

Good Night and Sweet Dreams,

Mommy Dearest  xx

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun Day with the Kids after the Good News

Today I got to have a blast with my kids, and my nephew!  We had a couple of appointments to go to, but when we were finished, we went to Sam's Club.  I let the kids ride one of the automatic carts, and they just had an absolute blast!  Usually, under normal circumstances, I would not let them do that, but I decided that because they were soooo good today, it would be the best fun for them.  Then, we got our four cases of water and ate.  If you've never been to Costco or Sam's Club, and you have more than two mouths to feed, then you are missing out on incredible savings!  I also went to Wal-Mart,  took my coupons, and saved $20.  My average savings with coupons and competitor ads is about $50 a trip.  I am officially the coupon Princess!!!...Grandma still trumps me any day!  That woman has her house packed with food for a village and she got it all on sale.  Isn't it amazing what we can learn from our elders?  I love you Grandma California...we miss you!!!
So, now for the good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We got our house!  Even though we still have the grueling process of the inspection and all the repairs to go, I am so thankful to God for blessing us with just the right home.  We have waited for so long for this moment, but I can definitely say that it was worth it!  We are suppose to close in 33 days, so now the countdown begins.  Now I have to pray in the workers to help with the demolition and repairs.  Also, that God will allow for this company to hire me, so that I can still work from home.  I really love this blogging thing, and I have to say that I never thought I would be a good stay at home mom, but I love every second of it!

 Two out of the three loves of my life!!!

Mommy Dearest

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A House

We FINALLY got a house today!!!!  Or, maybe I should say that the bank accepted the offer that they gave us, except we made them eat the closing costs.  We have been through hell and high waters to get a house for our little family, but I can finally say that it was all worth it!  I know I am not the only one in this world that has been a hard working person, but I have been working since I was 13.  Everything that we own, we have worked very hard for.  I wish, in my dreams, that one day, I will be on the Ellen show or something and someone will give me some kind of selfless award, but the reality of my situation is that my husband told me that I am an amazing mother the other night when I was getting my kids ready for bed.  He looked at me with such amazement and made me feel so awesome!  That is the best kind of appreciation...just as amazing as any kind of award. Yes, I have something with my relationship that not many people in this world get to have (even people that REALLY deserve it), but I am so thankful for it, and everything I have.  I am at peace in my heart and thank God for our love and all that he has blessed us with....amen.

Mommy Dearest
xxx   (Sorry, I still don't kiss strangers)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My day today

Another site that I came across for making money with your blog:


Please comment on more sites that you all know of so we can all share the wealth. Thanx =)

I haven't been able to blog for a few days, because my family had the flu.  Everyone: get your flu shot!!!  It felt like a near death experience.  Absolutely horrible, I tell you!  Please keep reading and following my blog!  I added the new Cookie Lee Jewelry link over on the right side so that all of you fellow followers can get the perfect accessory for the lady in your life!  I have been wearing this jewelry for years, and I love it.  You are helping me make a little cash while making that lucky person feel really good.

Adventures in Colorado... on a Budget!

 So, for all of you out there that haven't discovered geocaching, it is a free and really fun hide-and-seek adventure for the whole family, or just for a couple of friends.  Click on the link to get in on the fun, and keep track of all of the caches you have found and create one of your own!  My goal is to blog about free things to do in Colorado, or adventures on a budget!  We are a family of four and it is so expensive to take the kids just to the zoo, but I am determined to find all the many things to do for fun with little or no money in this adventure-driven state!  I want my kids to get there heads outside and away from all the electronics and create memories together with their family!  I am also not a huge fan of all the crowded "free" days at certain places, but free is free. 



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Blogging Journey

I just found BLOGGING!!! Yeay and awesome!  If all things turn out right, in 30 days, I can start making money from home, by doing just this...blogging.  I am a mother and wife.  I am so blessed to be able to stay home, but my all loving and wonderful husband would love it if I could make a little money.  So, like most of you out there, I am embarking on this crazy net journey of working on a computer by typing whatever I want. Of course, there will be much discretion and most of every post will be completely appropriate for every age.  Well, onward.  I will diary all of my progress on how I have learned and what I have been taught about the shortcuts to make money while blogging.  That way, anyone who reads this can have the same opportunity.  And for all of you that have already figured it out.....just don't have to read my diary, but quit thinking this is retarded, because it's not!  I am just actually helping people by giving them the tools to genuinely make easy money.  Plus, it's about time someone actually gave a little guide!  It will be tough, but I am up to the task!!!  Here we go.

Day 1: I was told to go to this website to simply create a blog by making a FREE account.

Day 2:  I found out that there is an insane amount of work to blogging, but once it gets started, it will be easier to maintain, but you have to blog EVERY single day at least once.  I was given the sites that I needed and I visited them to figure out exactly how to make money. Most of what I found was that you need to have your blog open for at least 30 days and at least have 30 posts.  Then, I am gonna go back to the sites at that time and sign up for a membership....which is free from what I know. A couple of the sites I found are:
Well, that is all I know about, but please add any new links to me in my chat box!  Thanks for the blogtime! Oh, one quick thing....ALWAYS read all the "terms and conditions" when signing up for any website.  It will save you rejection, hopefully.  And a lot of trouble.  Who needs more of that in their life, right?
Now, maybe all of this will turn out to be a big pile of poo, but let's just hope not, because I am so excited to blog my way to a little cash flow.

Sweet Dreams,

Mommy Dearest
xxx (those are hugs, and only hugs. sorry, i don't kiss strangers.)