Saturday, November 13, 2010

Going to the dentist

I went to the dentist yesterday, and I couldn't believe how much we got charged.  The only thing they did was  my annual teeth cleaning!  We got charged for the office visit, and the cleaning!  So, I decided to look for another, less expensive dental office in my area that would give me the same awesome care, but at an honest and affordable price.  I also want someone that will listen to me about my fears and make me feel comfortable, while keeping me as pain free as possible. My dentist is nice, and he is always smiling!!!  I wonder why....he just got $190 from me, and he is double booked every day!  A cleaning is the least expensive service.

My biggest fear about going to the dentist is probably the same as everyone else, too - the fear of having pain and loud tools in my mouth!  Well, I looked around and found Bright Now! Dental.  I am glad that I found this place, because they are everything I am looking for and more. I already have insurance, so I definitely can't stand when I get jabbed with retarded additional expenses.  This place will tell you everything you need to know up front, and you won't be surprised with an outrageous bill later.  Check out the site for yourself!

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