Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finding Happiness in Sad Times

So, I am attaching some pictures of the fire aftermath, because I didn't get any of the actual fire.  It is a completely sad situation, but amidst all of this, I talked to the girls that I was telling you all about in previous blogs, and they saw Zoi's first hair-do, and they were telling me that it was the only time that they have smiled since the fire a couple days ago.  Then, my husband and I were thinking about starting a memorial fund at a local bank, so that people can donate money for all of the victims of this fire.  There was a total of 55.  It is extremely close to home for me, because it was literally, the building 20 feet from mine!  I want to help these people, so we are going to.  There needs to be more outreach in communities anyway, so why not have us start the chain reaction?  I will have to figure out how to have donations besides money, but the problem is that we have no where to put it.  I will figure it out though.  These people really need some help.  They lost everything.  I don't have money, but I have time.  God will help me help these people.   I will give updates on the account information to donate for all of you that are able to spare for the cause.

On a side note, our daughter actually loved her first little hair-do, and she kept it in all day, until we went to buy her a  new brush, and she brushed them out.....OUCHY!  Anyway, she had a hard night, so I made her the first root beer float she has ever had!  I am the coolest Mom ever!  I felt terrible, because she looked like I let her play with a blow dryer and running water!  See for yourselves.

Thank you all for your support,

Mommy Dearest

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  1. Wow, that is terribly sad. I am happy to hear your little cutie was able to help them smile.