Monday, November 1, 2010

What A Day!

I have finally made it home!  Have you ever made a return, and the store tried to back peddle their way out of it?????  Not only do I know better, because I am the return QUEEN, but I went to Target today.  I wanted to simply "Exchange" our daughters Halloween costume.  The store tried to tell me that they aren't "allowed" to return the costume, because it is after Halloween.  Let's just say that I was extremely nice with the associate and reiterated that I wanted to "Exchange" the outfit.  So, I go back to the Halloween section where everything is clearanced out at 50%, but no luck for me with finding the exact costume in the size I needed.  But what I did find is extremely alarming.  I found several of the costumes, but none of them had the accessories with them....they were being sold separately with a sticker gun price tag on them.  Keep in mind that the accessories were suppose to be included with the outfit!  Not only did they not let me exchange it, but they told me that I was going to have to go all the way across town to the store I purchased it at.  I asked for the number for the Corporate office.  So, let's just say that I stayed at the Customer Service counter while I called, and I got my money back! 
I start heading to the Target closer to my house with my daughter, and I get into a fender bender!!!  The frickin perp drove away, so I didn't get a license plate number or anything!  Luckily, they just chipped the paint on our bumper.  I was so flustered at this point.
That was not my full day though, so just keep reading.  I decided to not get the diapers I needed at that Target after my experience, so I went to the Target closer to where we live.  I saw in the ad that they had the diapers on sale for $29.99 per jumbo pack, but you had to buy two packs, and you get a free $10 gift card.  I thought to myself that it was a good deal, because I also had my coupons.  I found the diapers that I needed on an end cap with the free $10 gift card sign and sale price.  I get up to the check out, and I notice the diapers ring up at $35.99 per box...not what I was expecting.  After the day I had, I just wanted the sale price.  The manager says that all they can do is take off $10 from my total, but I don't get the gift card.  I took it!  I was tired and sick of Target.
Some people say that Wal-Mart is horrible, but they save me the MOST money and emotional stress.  They never promise me what they can't give.  Wow, what a day!  I ended up getting our kids one costume each for dress-up at 50% off, but you can guarantee that I will be calling the corporate number tomorrow.

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