Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Cuteness!  Wow, our daughter was soooooooo extra adorable tonight!  And my husband....frickin' hilarious!  I am living the life for sure!  I am always able to laugh and smile around my family.  My husband makes all  my dreams come true, and my children and my husband make me smile.  I am so fortunate.  We took Zoi trick-or-treating in the "hopefully our neighborhood" this year, and everyone was so nice and cool.  I really hope to get this house!  Not to sound boastful or anything, but we really deserve it, plus we would be the super coolest neighbors on the block!  Apparently, all of the neighborhood kids love me, no matter where we go.  I guess that's pretty awesome...for all the other neighborhood parents.  Where is my break people?  How is it fair that I have to wait until my husband gets home?  Come on now!  Well, we got some really good candy this year, and FINALLY, we didn't get candy corn!!! 
Awesomeness!  I like my life a lot, but I will definitely love it once we are living in our house (mainly because I won't have to live without the "finer" things in life with my husband).  Why do so many people take that for granted.  Whatever, it's not Thanksgiving for some of you out there, so I won't get into it, but I am thankful for "that" any time, and all the time!  

Mommy Dearest

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