Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Not?!?

I really can't believe that there aren't really that many costumes to select from for infants!  Technically, Zoi is 3T, but we only saw a few different costumes to choose from for her to be for Halloween!  She is only 1 year old, highly intelligent, and very personable, but why does she have to suffer because there isn't a Halloween costume in her size that is cute?  We didn't even find any that were relevantly like her personality!  I just wanted to find a dinosaur...that's it!!! She loves to be really vocal, and do this RARARARARARARAHHHHHH thing, and it makes me think of her as "ZOIZILLA," and nobody had a Godzilla costume!  Why not!?!  So, I think we are just gonna put make-up on her face, give her a bucket, and make people give her candy.  Plain and simple.  That was our "adventure" for the day.  I am the mom that always takes my kids on "adventures" so that they will be willing to run errands with me, and they know that they will get something out of it...something I never had as a kid.  Man, life was rough when we were kids, huh?  But, it didn't have to be, and it doesn't have to be, and it won't be for my kids.  Their life will be fun and awesome!  And full of life lessons, that they will hate, and teachings of responsibility!
By the way, "ZOIZILLA" is our daughter's nickname, so don't even try to steal it, people!
But, my life isn't a bowl of cherries you know, because while we were at the T-Mobile store, Zoi saw a PSP and started looking for her big brother!  And yes, this is one of the few days of the week that we don't have Konnar, and it totally SUCKS!  She kept saying Bubba, Bubba.  It was so cute and so very sad all at the same time!

Yep, Still Mommy Dearest!!
xxxxx (I'm feeling generous today)

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