Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Tea Factory

I was recently thinking about going to explore the Celestial Seasonings factory in Boulder, CO.  I am a huge tea drinker over coffee now- although an occasional cup is really nice- and I thought about how my friend suggested going to the factory.  The Christmas teas that Celestial Seasonings comes out with are so yummy!  They have one called Candy Cane Lane, which taste like a really delicious candy cane with a sweeter taste, compared to a normal candy cane.  Another one of my favorites is the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.  Very good all year round, so of course, I bought all the boxes that the store had, so that I could enjoy my favorite teas year round!  Call me crazy, but we all have our quarks, and that is now mine!  My husband practically told me to buy the display, and now that I think about it, I should have, because I would have been able to organize the boxes better. 
Another thing that I really enjoy about the company is that they are local for me, as well as they are taking part in the global "green" movement!  Their tea bags don't have the strings and paper attached to it, which is really smart for the environment.  Plus, my kids can 't just take it out of my cup and destroy the tea bag all over the carpet as easily...long story.  It just doesn't look like tea when it's on the floor, and you don't see the bag.  The only downside to drinking tea is that I don't get a pick-me-up, that I could really use about 10 different times in my day!  I have been struggling from chronic fatigue for about 8 months now, and I can't seem to get anything to help me lately.  But, that is all for another blog.  Go pick up some of the yummy tea and try it yourself, and I will go tour the factory!  The tour is free, but we will just pay for the gas to get there.

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