Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day with the kids

Today was a relatively good day, except our son was a total stinker pants!  I picked him up from school, and then it began!  All day, nothing but wining and crabbiness;even after he got disciplined.  My daughter just kept looking at him like, "Really Bro?"  She has a tendency to do that any time he acts out or wines.  She typically doesn't do that though, so maybe that's why.  Anyway, today was the day that I promised the neighborhood girls that I would take them to the mall.  It was fun, and I really enjoy doing stuff like this with them, because I feel like I am a positive example in their lives.  They have been through so much in their lives, but it makes me happy to see them have no worries for a while.  All the kids in the neighborhood are on Fall Break this week.  I never remember having Fall Break, or Winter Break, or even New Year Break!  What is up with that crap?!  Not only is that unjust and not fair, but that completely explains the low scores and low ratings for all the schools in our area.
For all of you other Stay At Home Moms out there, I had a HORRIBLE day today with my son, and my "friend's" dog, and my "friend", and her frickin toilet paper rolls, and my cat, so I am a little pissy tonight.  I am just ready to go to bed and not wake up.  But we all know that we have to, because who else will take care of EVERYTHING, right?

Better Hope for Tomorrow,

Mommy Dearest

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