Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Adventures in Colorado... on a Budget!

 So, for all of you out there that haven't discovered geocaching, it is a free and really fun hide-and-seek adventure for the whole family, or just for a couple of friends.  Click on the link to get in on the fun, and keep track of all of the caches you have found and create one of your own!  My goal is to blog about free things to do in Colorado, or adventures on a budget!  We are a family of four and it is so expensive to take the kids just to the zoo, but I am determined to find all the many things to do for fun with little or no money in this adventure-driven state!  I want my kids to get there heads outside and away from all the electronics and create memories together with their family!  I am also not a huge fan of all the crowded "free" days at certain places, but free is free. 



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