Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cutest Thing

I saw one of the cutest things today.  Our one year old daughter walked the dog all by herself!  It was so so cute, and she wouldn't let me take the leash from her.  She was very serious about what she was doing, that's for sure.  Children are so adorable when they are small.  I guess that every age has its own special moments.  Our son always gives us a huge hug every week, when he comes over, and tells us that he loves us and that we are his favorite!  It melts my heart every time.  I love being a mommy, and it is so rewarding every day.

I have a saver tip for all of you that don't already implement!  I saved another $20 at the grocery store yesterday, and my bill only ended up being just under $40!  Don't forget to clip your Sunday paper coupons every week before you go to the store.  If you don't already get the Sunday paper, it only costs about $3.50 a month!!!  Great deal!  It pays for itself with all the savings you can get each time you go to the store.  The kids were also so good at the store, so I decided to get them each a little toy.  See how awesome!  They love cars, and I love how inexpensive they are and saving money.

Mommy Dearest

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