Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Day at the Convention Center

Today, I took the kids and my nephew to the Rock n' Roll Health Fair at the Convention Center in Downtown Denver.  Admission was FREE for everyone, along with about 50, or more, samples!!  A couple of booths even gave all of us a reusable bag for FREE.  We had a blast, and the best part of it was that the kids got to choose how we got to downtown.  I let them choose whether we drove (which costs the gas to get there and parking), or got to ride the bus and light rail train.  They chose the bus and train!  It was a lot of fun with the kids, and I got the benefit of the inexpensive day of fun!  The event was all about health, organic products, and running...all of my favorite things, except I haven't actually gotten to run but a couple times in about 2 years.  I know, shame on me, right?  That is the one big thing that I haven't figured out to do with having kids.  I can't figure out how to fit in exercise in my day.  If I get up early, I will be even more tired all day, and I don't know if I can even get out of bed, because I'm so exhausted!!  I guess that if I really want it, I will be determined enough to do it.  I want a personal, Nazi trainer. Anyway, the one huge thing that was hard on me today, was that my husband had to work.  He is my best friend and I miss him every second we aren't together.  It is so hard to actually get to do certain types of events, so instead of it being a "Family fun Day", it is a day with just the kids.  I love doing everything with my children so much, but it is always even more fun with my husband. 

So, one thing that I have learned is to check out the websites for major event centers and news stations in your area. Usually, there is an Event tab on the websites and it will list all the things that are happening.  Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers!!! You are all on my cool list!

Good Night and Sweet Dreams,

Mommy Dearest  xx

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