Monday, October 18, 2010

Lots of Calls and Sacrifices to Make

Today, I made a lot of calls for a home inspector, appraiser, and plumber.  Who knew there was so much involved in buying a house?!  And, all of this is going to take place on Wednesday.  Well, I didn't have any butterflies until today, about this house....very nerve wracking.  Now, I am praying and crossing my fingers that it passes inspection, and that all goes well with the appraisal.  We are really excited about all that we have learned about the home buying process, but it is definitely very financially terrifying!  You are responsible for paying all of the people I mentioned in the beginning of this blog.... and it isn't cheap!  The fees start at $200!! And, all the fees were unexpected.  We were trying really hard to save for a washer and dryer.  Now, we have to figure out how to pay for ALL the appliances, paint, paint supplies, and these fees.  It is a huge buzz kill!  We are just hoping for the best, and we are very thankful that we already have beds for the kids and some furniture.  All the other stuff can wait if it has to.  We have worked so hard for this, so we are willing to just make sure we can get into the house.  It really stinks only having one income.  The truth is, that I got laid off of my job a couple months ago; I don't know what we are gonna do.  I know I'm not the only one in this boat, so I definitely pray for everyone in this world that shares my situation.  We all just have to stay positive.  I am a CNA, and for those of you that don't know what that is, I work with the nurses in a hospital.  I am the person that comes in to get your vitals, I will help you get your ice water, I give you a sponge bath, or I just help you with whatever you need help with.  But, I do this for 15-20 myself!  My job is NOT easy, and for anyone else that thinks it is, try it yourself!  I respect every profession out there, so please respect mine!  I also do all the dirty work.  And, best of all, I love it, because I get to help people; and at the end of the day, it is really wonderful.  I have been doing this for 13 years.  I have tried to go back to school, but family matters have come up.  And, after the place I just worked for, I have had a change of heart about the nursing profession.  I have been able to stay home and take care of our children, and it is so rewarding!  I use to work nights, so I would be so tired and not able to play with them except for a few minutes at a time, but now, I can take them to the park and play a whole game of baseball.  I am blessed!  Now, I am also able to be more involved with my church, which I love to be a part of.  It is so good for the soul.  My husband told me to just not worry anymore, and just enjoy every second of every day.  So, I do.  Living on one income doesn't give much flexibility, but it is soooo worth it!

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