Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inbox Dollars

Introducing Cash Tasks, the latest way to earn cash rewards from InboxDollars.  Everyday InboxDollars will list a collection of available tasks that can be completed for cash.  These tasks range from identifying the content of a photograph, to translating phrases, to completing descriptions for products or services.  Each task is presented with the number of opportunities to complete it and the earnings a member will be credited for completing the task.  To earn the cash reward, the member must complete the task requirements and accomplish the entire task properly without submitting nonsensical answers or gibberish.  Members will be notified they have completed the task once they have completed all the requirements for that task.  A member's account will be credited the same day the task was completed.

The best part ---- every InboxDollars member is eligible for every task.  As long as a task is listed on the Cash Tasks page it is possible to complete it and earn cash rewards.  Note that some tasks have multiple activities, each of which can be completed for cash and there is no limit on the number of tasks or activities a member may complete.  Once an InboxDollars member completes a task or activity and earns the cash reward, the task or activity is removed from the list of available tasks.

Members can see their cash earnings for completing Cash Tasks by visiting the InboxDollars Current Earnings page.  Look for a summary of total completed tasks and total cash earnings for those tasks.
Check the Cash Tasks channel often to see new tasks and more opportunities to earn cash rewards!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Only One Lifetime

I feel like time has flown by since we saw her newborn face.  I found pictures the other day of our daughter, Zoi.  She looked so funny and yet she was the most adorable thing that I had ever seen!  Only the Mother of the child can appreciate what God has given her.  I was reading a devotional this morning about how God lends us our children for a short while.  Well, that is so true in so many ways.  Life is so short, and there are so many days when we are just "stuck" in reality, so we don't stop to appreciate what God has given us!  We focus solely on how beautiful they are when they are sleeping or taking a nap.  I have always tried so hard to cherish every, little, single moment of my childrens' lives.  Not only have I realized lately that I should slow down, but I've noticed how much I really appreciate my 'H'usband.......and yes, he is 'capitalized' because of how much he appreciates his family.  ....I love my Husband and children.
I sincerely wish that every person in this world could experience what I have now, without what I have had to experience in my lifetime....so far.  But, I guess that God have an order for all of our lives.  I do believe that everything happens for a reason.


Mommy Dearest

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pregnant? Free BellyBag!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are so many different kinds of things in the world that we try to protect our children from, but sometimes, no matter what we do, certain ailments are inevitable.  Like when we find out that one of our children has a devastating illness.   I think it is so important for every parent-to-be to learn about their baby's life, and how they are developing in each stage of pregnancy.   Now with all the advancements in technology, you would like to think that our typical Flu Shot would cure and prevent any type of serious sicknesses in our children.  But we all know that thit isn't the case. This is the number one reason that every parent-to-be should invest in cord blood banking, or at least get the information and check out what is it all about.  Request an information packet and consult with an advisor today at www.Cryo-Cell.com or www.Cryo-Cell.net  Plus, you get a free BellyBag.  I understand that not every person out there is financially able to do this, but the benefits completely out weigh any type of cost!  This is one of the many steps in learning about your new baby's options in life!  Congratulations and good luck!

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