Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

I had a wonderful day today, because today, Zoi and I thought about what we were going to put in the boxes that we picked up from our church a couple weeks ago.  The boxes are for the "Operation Christmas Child" project that many people are participating in across the country.  Many churches are having the congregation pick up the provided boxes on their own and fill the boxes with specific items for children in third world countries.  I am very very sadly admitting that these children are getting more than my own children this year.  We picked up three boxes for us, and two boxes for my friend from the church to fill.  I am extremely broke this year, because I got laid off from my job this year, but I really wanted to help the other children that wouldn't have the same type of Christmas that I was going to have.  It is really weird though, because the more I think about it, no matter how many presents my kids can't get this year, they still have a roof over their heads and warm clothes on their backs.  God has provided for us in every situation, so I feel as though if we do this, He will continue to provide.

I am not so sure how this house thing is going to turn out anymore.  We were told today that the bank wouldn't except the offer without the offer-price being raised.  So, we did.  Now, I feel really dumb, unless of course, we get the house.  Why is it that you ask for an inch as an adult, but you have to give a frickin mile?!!!!!  We may have raised the price so that we can get a couple major things done on the house before we move in, but we can't give our kids a bath until we fix a few huge things before we move in!  What in the world!  Welcome to the world of home ownership, right?

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