Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All for the USA

I had the honor of talking to my little brother, Broch, via Skype.  Skype is the online way to communicate anywhere in the world.  We use the web cam to talk to him and we love it.  It is  so sad to think that his entire career is serving the USA.  What does it mean to "fight" for our country anyway?  What do we (the USA) stand for anymore?
Well, I can tell you that listening to someone that has spent years in the military tell me that he fights for what our country used to stand for is extremely disheartening!  I cried.  Here we are, in several different countries, sending more and more troops to fight for our Presidents demands, and we, the citizens, don't even know what's going on. I don't have the answers to any of those questions, nor do I even pay any attention to politics anymore.
My Bro drinking "Korean Super Water"
But, I decide to try to see things in a positive light about my little brother being in the military.  When I talked to him a few days ago, we discussed how he gets to experience all kinds of different cultures, and he gets to see places that I will never have the opportunity to see!  He gets to transform his life so that he can blend in with the surrounding culture.  He "becomes" one of them, while still being himself.  What an amazing opportunity!  While we were talking, I thought it was so hilarious when I saw him take a drink from a water bottle, that looked extremely similar to the one I was drinking out of!  I took a picture, and I have to share.  My favorite bottled water is Aquafina.  So, you can see the Korean Super Water vs. Aquafina and laugh to your hearts content
with me.

Korean Super Water

  Isn't it hilarious????  Well, I think so.

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